The Finnish Choral Directors’ Association (FCDA)

The Finnish Choral Directors’ Association (FCDA) was founded in 1992 to improve the position of choral directors, the interaction between conductors and choirs and lift the status of both choral conductors and choral music. FCDA presently has a little over 150 members. It organises two yearly events: one early in the year over a weekend and a day with a seminar and a concert in the autumn. The last weekend events have been organised in Kuopio (2009) and Kokkola (2010), both in co-operation with SULASOL. The autumnal seminars are organised in Helsinki.

The organisation’s yearly prizes include Choral conductor of the year and Choral recording of the year. The choral conductor of the year 2009 was Timo Lehtovaara from Turku and the Choral recording of 2008 was Lempeä by the Dominante chamber choir conducted by Seppo Murto. In addition, FCDA awards the Choral Achievement prize that has so far been awarded only once: in 2009 to a choral radio program of the Finnish National Broadcasting company and its editor Inari Nuutero.

FCDA publishes a Bulletin that appears four to five times a year. The association actively partakes in co-operation between the players on the musical scene in Finland and is at present strengthening its ties to the Choral conductors’ associations in the Nordic and Baltic countries. FCDA is a member of IFCM.


chairman Kari Turunen, puheenjohtaja(at)

publicist Miina Meurman, tiedottaja(at)